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What Is A Fine Needle Aspiration?

A licensed laboratory directed by Dr. Nadelman, Precision Aspiration & Biopsy utilizes the most advanced FNA techniques and diagnostic capabilities, virtually eliminating the need for repeat biopsies.

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Precision Aspiration & Biopsy, a CLIA and California licensed laboratory

Our practice offers fine needle aspiration (FNA) of superficial masses (lumps and bumps) found in the breast, thyroid, head and neck, salivary glands, lymph nodes, extremities and soft tissue. Visit our Services Page for more details

FNA Lymph Node Diagnosis

An FNA biopsy is a safe, rapid, minimally invasive procedure for the diagnosis of enlarged lymph nodes. It frequently reduces the need for additional testing and helps triage patient care in an effective and timely manner.

FNA Thyroid Biopsy & Cancer Testing

Dr. Nadelman’s office is equipped with a state of the art high resolution ultrasound machine. The ultrasound is used for improving accuracy and safety of fine needle aspiration biopsies for thyroid cancer testing.

Board Certified Cytopathologist
    Dr. Nadelman is a board certified Cytopathologist, providing biopsy and interpretation through FNA. She is Dual Board Certified in Cytopathology, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology.